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fetal scan

We offer a state of the art Ultrasound machine with Colour Doppler facility for Trans-abdominal sonography (T. A. S) and Trans-vaginal sonography (T. V. S) – meant for accurate assessment of pelvic organs like uterus and ovaries. Our experienced radiologist provides regular service and helps us in providing all services under one roof.


We offer a range of Ultrasonography / Colour Doppler examinations for evaluation of:

normal uterus tvs

normal uterus tvs

  1. Infertility and its cause.
  2. Early Pregnancy scan and to rule out Ectopic pregnancy (Pregnancy in the fallopian tube or outside the uterine cavity.)
  3. First Trimester Scan
  4. Second Trimester Scan which includes detailed anomaly scan to rule out abnormalities in the baby.
  5. Third trimester scan for evaluation of foetal growth, weight and wellbeing.
  6. Obstetric Doppler scans for evaluation of foetal wellbeing.
large fibroid

large fibroid